The BioCNG Team

BioCNG, LLC has assembled a talented and experienced team to introduce the benefits of this innovative new technology to fleet managers and biogas producers. Led by trusted industry experts, the BioCNG team is dedicated to innovation, technical excellence, and customer service.

At BioCNG, we pride ourselves on our collaborative team environment. Our team of experts calls upon their varied backgrounds and industry expertise to help each member provide the best possible solution for clients, wherever they are located around the U.S.


Mark Torresani

Mark J. Torresani, PE (Inventor)

Mark Torresani is the inventor of the patented BioCNG system, and leads the value engineering and continuous improvement process. Mark is a true industry pioneer, with more than 24 years of experience on projects focusing on biogas and waste materials. He is always focused on updating and improving the patented system and adapting it to new biogas sources.

Michael S. Michels

Michael S. Michels, PE (Executive Vice President -Technical)

Mike Michels is responsible for technical management of BioCNG, LLC, focusing on quality control, project delivery, permitting, and technical integration with fueling systems. With 32 years of experience with solid waste engineering, Mike is an expert in the development and implementation of biogas systems, including odor control, active gas collection systems, electrical generation, and alternative vehicle fueling stations. He is a professional engineer in numerous states and has held active national leadership roles at SWANA.

Kay Turgeson

Kay Turgeson (Sales and Business Manager)

Kay Turgeson works with the BioCNG team to provide fleet managers and biogas producers solutions that will improve their bottom line and conserve energy. With a goal of providing superior client service, Kay facilitates account management, leads the product support team, and assists with sales tracking and service. She also helps develop and implement strategic plans, coordinates marketing and business development, and ensures successful operations by working with business partners.

Product Support

Tom Bilgri, PE

Tom Bilgri, PE (Lead Engineer)

Tom Bilgri is the lead engineer for BioCNG, LLC, ensuring that site-specific designs meet clients’ needs and coordinating with our manufacturer at Unison Solutions. He modifies units to meet specific client needs and integrates overall package to site requirements. Tom has more than 20 years of experience with biogas beneficial-use projects, including direct sale, electrical generation, CNG, LNG and high-BTU gas production facilities. As an active member of Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), he has an in-depth knowledge of current industry trends and the status of federal and local regulatory issues.

Paul J. Stout, PE

Paul J. Stout, PE (Project Manager)

Paul Stout is the engineer of record for several recently developed and pending BioCNG projects and has also completed ancillary design of the facilities supporting a biogas-to-LNG facility in California. With 20 years’ experience in air quality and biogas projects, Paul is a leader in the biogas field, with specific expertise in biogas migration assessment, energy feasibility studies, design, permitting, construction, start-up, and operations and maintenance.

Jerry McGraner (Senior Client Manager)

Jerry Mcgraner is responsible for integrating and installing BioCNG systems around the U.S. With more than 35 years of experience in environmental investigation, engineering and construction, Jerry is an expert in biogas control and energy recovery systems, as well as long-term operation of remediation systems.

Bill Bloomenkranz (Project Engineer)

Bill Bloomenkranz’s background in anaerobic digestion facilities and CNG fueling stations helps him fit right in with the BioCNG team. His experience in the field helps provide practical, cost effective solutions to complex problems and gives him the technical skills needed to support a wide range of work. Bill is able to draw from his experience managing projects, customers and vendors to provide engineering support for a host of BioCNG projects.

Daryl O’Dell, PE (Client Manager)

Daryl O’Dell is a client manager who has experience in GCCS design, odor evaluation, LFG generation modeling, hydraulic and hydrologic analysis and design, design of landfill baseliners, final cover systems, grading, settlement, and CQA/CQC. Daryl assists in applying the BioCNG technology to specific sites. He focuses on the scoping and cost estimating project phases.

Riley Eklund (Project Scientist)

Riley Eklund is a project scientist who has extensive experience assisting teams of engineers to develop RNG systems. His expertise includes LFG generation modeling, RNG facility design, CNG facility design, RNG start up, and GCCS design.