BioCNG, LLC has several manufacturing and fueling partners, who work together to tailor each system to a customer’s specific needs.


Unison Solutions, Inc.

Unison SolutionsThe BioCNG™ is manufactured under an exclusive agreement with Unison Solutions, Inc., co-applicant on the BioCNG™ patent. Founded in 2000, Unison Solutions is an industry leader in fabricating and designing biogas conditioning, BioCNG™ vehicle fuel systems, and distributed generation. Unison systems have been installed around the world at landfills, wastewater treatment facilities (WWTF), dairies, and food processing digester plants.

Unison has manufactured gas conditioning and compression packages in sizes that range from 20 scfm up to 8,000 scfm. Its expertise in purifying biogas includes hydrogen sulfide removal, siloxane removal, H2O removal, CO2 removal, compression and gas quality monitoring.

Unison is extremely well known in the waste water industry and has an excellent reputation in the solid waste industry. In addition, BioCNG, LLC works closely with Unison’s national sales network.

Fueling stations

ANGI Energy Systems, Inc.

ANGI Energy SystemsBioCNG systems use CNG fueling equipment designed and manufactured by ANGI Energy Systems, Inc., a U.S.-based, family held manufacturer of quality natural gas compression equipment and an elite integrator of CNG system design.

ANGI offers a variety of options to meet the needs of BioCNG customers, including standard fast-fill stations for immediate dispensing of CNG for vehicles; time-fill stations for overnight filling when the cost of electricity used for the compression equipment is lower; and combo stations that combine the features of a fast-fill and time-fill station, allowing high utilization of the station compression capacity both day and night. ANGI also offers mother stations, which can be used to fill large volumes of CNG into mobile storage trailers that are then transported to daughter stations, which are installed where a CNG fill station moves the CNG from the mobile storage to ground storage.

ANGI Energy Systems supplies all of the components required for refueling a CNG vehicle, including high quality dispensing options for single or dual hose applications. The dispenser’s software provides independent sequence functions for each hose. Each dispenser offers accurate mass flow metering, electronic sequencing valves, large LCD display of volume and costing, and an easy-to-use operator interface keypad.

Air & Gas Technologies

Air & Gas TechnologiesAir & Gas Technologies has been a leader in the CNG industry in the Northeast, with capabilities extending from equipment sizing and sales to full turnkey fueling station installation services. The company’s in house design and engineering services allow it to take a project from its conceptual stage through construction.

The company’s CNG products include compressors, station controls, fuel storage systems, fuel dispensers, and fuel management systems. Air & Gas Technologies built the first liquefied natural gas/compressed natural gas (L/CNG) fueling station east of the Mississippi River, in Bridgeport, CT.